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Other Tenant & Housing Resources

In Syracuse:

If you live outside the city of Syracuse and are experiencing housing issues, there are options to help you:

  1. Attend one of the Talk to a Lawyer sites to sit down with an attorney. Locations are listed under "Get Help" on this website. Bring any paperwork you have for review with the attorney.
  2. If you have concerns about possible codes violations, contact your town or village court and ask to be connected with the local codes officer. Set up a home inspection. This can help validate habitability claims if you have to go to court, and may help convince the landlord to make repairs.
  3. If you left your apartment and have not received your security deposit back, visit your local court or the NY Courts website to start a small claims action.
  4. The Department of Social Services and Catholic Charities, along with the Salvation Army, can help qualifying tenants outside the city of Syracuse with security deposits and/or emergency assistance.