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Values Statement

VLPCNY is united in our belief that everyone deserves access to justice. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, our volunteers, our partner agencies, and our colleagues performing this work. These values encompass the culture and spirit of our organization, guide our programming and communicate our priorities. We work with and for those we serve by providing legal aid, education and advocating for policy changes that better the lives of our community. We are passionate about advancing the cause of equity and racial justice and recruit team members who hold the same value.


We root ourselves in our shared humanity and prioritize centering compassion in our work. We treat our clients with the same care we treat colleagues and friends, without judgment. We honor the lived experiences and decisions of those we serve.


We commit to showing up for each other and ensuring one another feels heard and appreciated. We understand the prevalence and impact of trauma, and therefore treat our clients with sensitivity. We acknowledge that inclusion of diverse perspectives helps us better promote access to justice and brings awareness to the feelings of others.


Our team sets clear expectations, not over promising. We follow through on our word. We are accountable to our community, listen to stakeholders and share resources with others. Community engagement allows us to make actionable change and receive imperative feedback along the way. We educate our clients about the law and their options.


We believe we are part of a larger community with the ability to raise one another up. Cultivating collaborative relationships is a critical piece to serving our clients, engaging the legal community in pro bono service and communicating that everyone deserves freedom from systemic oppression.